I’m swimming again! Yay! )o) 

  1. Camera: Motorola MB200

I’m in love with Gou Matsuoka. That’s the problem.

Now please…somebody stop me before I do something stupid. :c

I was lookin’ for some papers in my room and I found what it seems to be a notebook of elementary school. :v I’m not really ashamed of the things I drew…I was a kid in love. x’D

  1. Camera: Olympus FE320,X835,C540
  2. Aperture: f/3,1
  3. Exposure: 1/5th
  4. Focal Length: 6mm



So a Pachirisu destroyed a Mega Kangaskhan team at the World Championships. See? That’s why I think Smogon tiers are complete bullshit. :I

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Questionyou're really late. the storm is literally over already. now it gets the same dribble of fanart every other pokemon got. Answer

Thank the lord, ‘cause I don’t like Lopunny. :v I was expecting some pics of the dragon boomerang too, but nope.

What the fuck! Lopunny is not even from 3rd gen and you give it a Mega? :I

Thats it. I want a Mega Evolution for Darmanitan, Krookodile, Galvantula or the three starters from Sinnoh, right naow! 

(Brace yourselves, the spam of Mega Lopunny porn is coming…)

I made it! :D Let’s just say I’m happy ‘cause it is too hard to work with just a frickin Corocoro screenshot. .3.


and people say anime is shit.

did this motherfucker just suplex a goddamn deer?

(Fuente: piyox22)

So…I was searching through rule 34 for references to draw this thing, but it appears NOBODY has drawn it, not even a Beldum!

Well…this is going to be a real challenge. :I